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Emergency Medical Technician
Non-exempt - Emergency Department Tech
Richmond Ambulance Authority
Richmond, VA
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Position Number: 1060
Pay Rate: 0 to 0 (Salary)
Closing Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

POSITION TITLE: Emergency Medical Technician – Emergency REPORTS TO: Field Operations Supervisor DEPARTMENT: Field Operations POSITION SUMMARY Prepares vehicle and equipment for service; waits for assignment from the Communications Center; responds directly and safely to assignments; functions as the primary vehicle operator; conducts or assists partners with patient assessments; provides or assists with patient care at the direction of the AIC while on-scene of a call but not during transport; applies extrication skills as required; prepares patients under varying environments to be safely moved to the vehicle for transport; is responsible for the safe and smooth transport of everyone on-board vehicle; unloads the patient from the vehicle, and transfer patient care to the receiving facility; completes required documentation, and prepares vehicle and equipment for the next assignment; this position is required to follow directives from the Communications Center. The achievement and maintenance of high levels of patient care delivery and clinical skills performance; the execution of duties in the exercise of established medical protocols, safety standards, company policies and procedures and common sense at all times; the demonstration of the highest degree of professionalism and customer service at all times, to the best of his/her ability POSITION DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Individual Responsibilities Maintains high standards for health, safety, welfare, and ethical behavior Adheres to all policies of agencies, institutional and regulatory bodies Conducts him/herself in a professional manner and ensures high level of patient customer care. Supports, interprets and complies with the philosophies of the company Maintains own required certification and licensure, including current Virginia vehicle operator’s license Primary Responsibilities Achieves and maintains standards of patient care and clinical performance in accordance with local and Commonwealth protocols; clinical care and medical control directives will be in the best medical interest of the patient and will be confined to the scope of practice for the level of certification as defined by the State of Virginia Loads and transports patients from a point of pick-up to the vehicle and from the vehicle to the point of destination; this includes lifting patients to and from backboard, stretcher, or equivalent, and maneuvering patients through hallways, up and down stairways, and up and down vehicle/handicap ramps as required Is responsible at all times for the care and transportation of patients treated and for the accurate documentation and timely completion of all required paperwork Operates all company assigned vehicles under control at all times and in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances governing vehicle operation; must also comply with approved company policy regarding safe and efficient vehicle operations Is responsible for appropriate responses to and compliance with all Communications Center directives Follows direction of management and/or senior ranked personnel Maintains established standards of conduct at all times when working with physicians, nurses, public safety agency officials, other affiliated health care professionals and members of the general public Is responsible for the proper care, use, and appearance of his/her assigned vehicles and equipment, including complete and accurate equipment inventories Is responsible for appropriate radio transmissions Reports to assigned area on time and when scheduled to work as assigned with other employees; must work in a respectful manner with assigned employees Immediately reports to the Operations Supervisor or designee, any malfunctions of and/or damage to any equipment, wh

Contact Information

Name: Jolynn Smith
Address: 2400 Hermitage Road Richmond, VA 23220
Phone: 804-254-1124
Secondary Phone:
Email: jolynn.smith@raaems.org

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